Quality inspection and thread trimming

Quality inspection and thread trimming

Our technicians, who have extensive experience in the clothing industry, examine and inspect your items in accordance with your specifications and quality standards.

  • for all types of garments (knitting, warp and weft, lingerie, etc.),
  • for shoes,
  • for fashion accessories,
  • etc.

We carry out, the quality inspection adapted to your demand :

  • Check for fabric defects (pulled threads or stitches, printing defects, shop folds, etc.).
  • Check for stains.
  • Inspect seams and check for missing stitches.
  • Check for holes in seams, for example due to the use of a blunt needle in a jersey fabric.
  • Inspect lace.
  • Inspect buttonholes.
  • Inspect buttons, zips, accessories, etc.
  • Inspect press studs ( each press stud is opened and closed to check its solidity ).
  • Inspect decorative patterns.
  • Inspect measurements.
  • Inspect composition labels and regulatory information (material composition, care instructions, country of origin, importer, etc.).
  • Perform thread trimming.
    If necessary, they trim threads from garments by carefully cutting off all leftover thread.
  • Perform needle detection.
    Berry Services has a metal detector, which enables us to check for the presence of needles and pieces of needles (a 0.8 mm piece of metal can be detected).
    A needle detection test is sometimes required for goods to be exported.

 Destruction or sale to discount retailers
After quality control, or for any other reason, and according to your wishes, Berry Services :

  • Organise the destruction of the defective or unsaleable goods (the goods will be handed over to VEOLIA, to be destroyed or recycled ).
    A certificate of destruction can be provided on demand.
    The destruction can also be achieved under the control of a bailiff.

  • Organise and prepare the sale of the items to a discount retailer, after having removed the brand labels, if necessary.

Berry Services


Following inspection, Berry Services has all the means at its disposal to carry out repairs and bring defective items back into conformity on-site.

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