Infrastructure and machinery

Infrastructure and machinery

Berry Services comprises fifty technicians who work in an area of 10,000 m2.


A modern warehouse entirely dedicated to ready-to-wear : 
Surface area of 10,000 m².
Safety and fire detection systems in accordance with APSAD standards.
Anti-intrusion system, video surveillance and telesurveillance.
Heated and air-conditioned workshops.

A bonded warehouse 
This bonded warehouse certifications means that we can :

  • Take delivery of in-bond goods.
  • Carry out customs clearance at our warehouse (by an approved forwarding agent).
  • Store in-bond goods, pending customs clearance or in-bond shipment.
  • Bring goods still in bond into compliance.

Unloading docks with automatic levelling bridge
Means that we can safely accommodate all types of trucks and containers (20 or 40 feet).

Pallet storage
A pallet rack with a capacity of 1,500 pallets.

Handling and storage of garments on hangers 
1,500 meters of hanger storage and conveyor rails. 
1 telescopic arm for loading and unloading hangers in trucks.
500 linear meters of storage bars.

Racking for storage and picking
50,000 storage locations.


Ironing & Folding

Ironing equipment

  • 12 Suction/blowing tables
    For the neat ironing of all your items.
    To apply or reapply patches or iron-on strips.
    A capacity of 2,000 items (depending on item type) per day.
  • 2 Steam mannequins 
    To give volume to your sleeved garments: jackets, duffle coats, etc. after transportation in packages.
    Perfectly adapted to leather garments.
  • 1 Topper
    For uncreasing trousers.
  • 1 Steam tunnel : 2 steam chambers and 3 drying chambers.
    For the uncreasing of large batches.
    A capacity of around 1,000 items per hour.
    The various settings - running speed, temperature, blower, steam flow, synchronised by an automaton - guarantee optimum results.
  • 12 Delustering brushes
    Perfect for removing shiny marks and hanger marks from fragile items.

Folding equipment

  • 1 Shirt folding machine.
    For the perfect folding of dress shirts, with all the accessories.



Sewing equipment

  • 13 Single needle flatbed sewing machines 
    All simple assembly stitching, on all textiles.
  • 3 Single needle flatbed sewing electronic machines
    All simple assembly stitching, on all textiles.
  • 1 Top and bottom feed walking foot sewing machine
    For simple assembly stitching on thick materials, e.g. leather.
  • 1 Simple 3-thread overlock machine 
    To oversew a fabric edge, before hemming for example.
  • 1 3-thread overlock machine, bourdon stitch 
    For a finish with bourdon stitching, for example on stoles or scarves.
  • 1 4-thread overlock machine 
    Assembly stitching in jersey stitch or knitting.
  • 1 5-thread overlock machine
    Assembly stitching in all fabrics.
  • 1 Invisible stitch hemming machine
    For trouser bottoms and bottom of dresses with invisible thread.
  • 1 Double blind stitch hemming machine with 2 plungers
    Basting linings, bottom of jacket, bottom of sleeves, etc.
  • 2 Chain stitch button sewing machines
    For attaching two- and four-hole buttons.
  • 1 Chain stitch button sewing electronic machine
    For attaching two- and four-hole buttons
  • 1 Electronic button sewing machine
    For attaching all types of buttons: two-hole buttons, four-hole buttons with either parallel or cross stitch formations, shank buttons, button coating, buttons with stay buttons, etc.
  • 1 Electronic lockstitch buttonholing machine
    This computer controlled, high speed, buttonholing sewing machine, permits the creation of lockstitch buttonholes in all kind of fabrics.
  • 1 Electronic eyelet buttonholing machine
    This computer controlled, high speed, eyelet buttonholing machine, permits the creation of eyelet buttonholes in all kind of fabrics.
  • 1 Coverstitch machine
    For sleeve bottom hems and hems at the bottom of garments, in jersey stitch or knitting.
  • 1 Overlap stitch/Roller feed machine
    For sleeve bottom hems and hems at the bottom of garments, in thick or elasticated fabric.
    For example, topstitching on elasticated material.
  • 1 Electronic bartack machine
    To apply bartack, for example assembly of belt loops.
    Electronic programming allows stitching models to be created on demand.
    This machine can also sew brand labels, composition labels and large jumpers.
  • 3 Electronic zigzag sewing machines
    For a decorative stitch.
    Electronic programming allows stitching models to be created on demand.
  • 1 Pneumatic press
    For attaching press studs, eyelets, etc. adapts to all materials.

Fabric inspection

  • Inspection and measuring machine
    Fabric inspection.
    Measuring and cutting lengths of fabric.
    Roller length measurement.


Embroidery and textile marking

Embroidery equipment

  • 3 Single head 15-needle embroidery machines
    We can embroider patterns of up to 300 x 250 mm on all kinds of items ( clothing, hats, bags, etc. ).

Presses for thermal transfer

  • 1 Pneumatic heating press with membrane, 2 plates 40 x 50 cm, with an automatic lateral movement of the heater plate.
    Temperature adjustable from 0 to 230°.
  • 1 Pneumatic heating press for caps, plate 9 x 13 cm.
    Temperature adjustable from 0 to 230°.



Washing and stain removal equipment

  • 1 Stain removal station
  • 2 Washing machines, each with a capacity of 40 kg.
  • 2 Drum dryers, with a volume of 900 litres, or 45 kg of laundry.

These washing machines, 100% programmable on demand, are supplied with detergent products via electronic dosing pumps.
For each case, we develop and test the washing programme on a few items.

This equipment enables us to wash about 1,000 items a day.

These latest generation machines, with controlled water consumption, offer efficient solutions while being respectful of the environment.


Photo studio

Equipment for shooting

  • 2 White backgrounds 2.70 m wide.
  • 1 Table with backlighting.
  • 7 ELINCHROM softboxes.
  • 7 Flash ELC500 ELINCHROM.


  • 3 NIKON Z6 24 – 70 mm.


  • Capture management: CAPTURE ONE PRO.
  • Alterations : PHOTOSHOP.


Labelling & Other equipment

Metal detector

  • 1 Needle detector
    Detection by magnetic induction of any metal part larger than 0.8 mm on all types of textile items: clothing, underwear, soft toys, etc.

Label printing

  • 15 Barcode printers
  • 2 High resolution printers for composition labels. 
    We can print all types of composition labels.
  • 1 Unwinder and rewinder for labels
    Allows to adapt the labels rools to the correct size.

Barcode readers

  • 25 Handheld devices for reading barcodes  
    These devices allow us to control incoming deliveries of items, to control order picking before shipment and to carry out inventories.



Placing garments into covers

  • 1 Automatic hood wrapper
  • 5 Manual hood wrappers

Putting garments into heat-shrink film

  • 2 Semi-automatic L-shaped welding machines
    For heat-shrink film made of Polyethylene, Polyolefin, etc.
    These machines are particularly used to put together and wrap promotional packs.


  • 1 Automatic strapping machine for 10 mm-wide Polypropylene (PP) strapping.
    Accepts all packages of up to 800 x 500 mm.
    This process is particularly recommended to secure packages.

Film-wrapping pallets

  • 2 Automatic pallet wrapping machines set into the floor, for Polyethylene stretch film.
    Capacity to film-wrap in transparent film or opaque black film.
    Film-wrapping pallets before shipment considerably reduces the risk of damage during transport.

Packaging recycling

Cardboard compactor

  • 1 Cardboard compactor
    This equipment halves the volume of cardboard to be recycled.


Berry Services

The hall where garments are stored on hangers is entirely opaque, without penetration of light from outside. As such, there is no risk of your items being damaged by daylight, even after being stored for a very long time.

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