Berry Services bringing into compliance of ready-to-wear

Berry Services bringing into compliance of ready-to-wear

Article : M&T2 N°110 - January / February 2019

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With twenty years of experience this year, ‘much more than just logistics’, Berry Services supports its customers in terms of bringing goods into compliance, and the finishing, packaging, logistics and storage of fashion items.

The only company of its kind in France, Berry Services is to an extent the ‘saviour’ of textile retailers!
The company, which specialises in the reconditioning of textile goods, has high-performance, modern machinery (washing and drying machines, ironing equipment, sewing machines, etc.), a strengthened and skilled team (sorting, cleaning, washing, ironing, repairs and stitching) and spacious premises to process the flow of goods (more than 10 million items are processed per year).
More specifically, the company has 10,000 m² of surface area, of which 3,000 m² is dedicated to repairs.

One single point of contact
Berry Services takes care of everything. The company does not rely on subcontracting to meet retailers’ needs. All the services offered are carried out in-house, so that all orders can be processed within a short period of time, even when large quantities are involved! As such, Berry Services is both highly responsive and extremely adaptable. For example, there is no need for retailers to manage the collection of goods and ‘re-delivery’ to their customers, or even the processing of in-bond goods, as Berry Services organises all transportation. The company also prints all kinds of labels directly in-house, such as composition and care labels, as well as bar code labels.
The company's spearhead, bringing textile goods into compliance, involves rectifying the consequences of poor packaging, rough handling during transportation, or even of a production defect, upon the request of all kinds of retailers, from large distribution companies to high-end brands.
The unique nature of this service, combined with a sophisticated logistics system, is what leads national, European and international customers to call on Berry Services. As such, the company inspects and alters ready-to-wear garments. From basic adjustments to very complex alterations for very high-end brands (redoing armholes, for example), Berry Services is able to carry out alterations on large series (10,000 items or more).
Berry Services' comprehensive offer, from bringing goods into compliance to logistics and storage, through to the finishing and packaging of articles, means that customers can delegate their entire workload.
This associated logistics service enables fabric logistics and finished product logistics to be managed at the same time— a service that appeals to both BtoB and BtoC players.
Moreover, with the deployment of WMS (warehouse management) software and a bar code reading system for order picking, Berry Services is positioned as a leading service provider of the French ready-to-wear sector in the field of logistics solutions and related services.

A 100% made-to-measure service
Because each customer is different, as are their requirements, Berry Services adapts accordingly.
With its twenty years of existence, the company has handled all kinds of requests—ironing luxury products, fixing waterproofing agent, cleaning shoes, changing brand labels, thread trimming, airing, re-gluing shoe soles, repairing buttonholes, re-sticking patches, gift wrapping, assembly and filling POS displays, etc.
The company also offers the option of customising items before shipping. For example, with embroidery, altering trouser length, etc.

Trusted by brands
The 250 or so customers who put their trust in Berry Services include prestigious and recognised brands such as La Halle aux Vêtements, Comptoir des Cotonniers and other big names.
According to Pierre Chave, manager and founder of website, "the picking error rate is zero, which is quite exceptional... a fundamental concept for an online sales business.”
The director of lingerie brand Barbara, Olivier De Croizant, highlights Berry Services’ "reliability, punctuality and responsiveness, which has made the logistics of our activity flawless.”
Carrefour's quality manager, Vicente Porras, also says that "all requests for bringing goods into compliance are dealt with quickly and seriously.”
These testimonies are evidence of retailers’ real need to delegate their various logistics issues to a versatile service provider.

Berry Services receives a series of awards
Since its creation in 1998 by Jean-Claude Benéteau, Berry Services has received a number of awards for the innovation of its services and its economic development.
In 2000, the company was awarded the ‘2000 Ruban Vert Prize’ by the bank Crédit Agricole for the creation and development of a business in a rural area. Then in 2003, it won the ‘2003 Fatex Prize’ for the originality of the services offered by Berry Services. In 2005, the company was awarded the ‘2005 Gazelle Prize’ by the Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in recognition of its strong growth in 2003 and 2004. Doubly successful in 2006, Berry Services won the ‘2006 Gazelle Prize’ awarded by the Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, as well as the ‘2006 Forces PME Prize’, awarded by the General Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in recognition of its performance from 2000 to 2006. On a high in 2007, Berry Services won three awards. The ‘2007 Logistics Innovation Prize’, awarded at the SITL (International Transport and Logistics Exhibition) in recognition of Berry Services' ability to offer a comprehensive, fully integrated service entirely dedicated to one sector. It then won the ‘2nd National SNPC (National Trade Performance Week) Prize’ for its strong commercial growth from a shortlist of 200 French companies. And then it was awarded the ‘2007 DCF Prize’ by The Business Leaders of France of the Indre département in recognition of its strong development as a service provider to the ready-to-wear sector...
It would certainly seem that Berry Services and its customers have a bright future ahead of them!


Berry Services bringing into compliance of ready-to-wear

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