Garment alteration and sewing repair

Our experienced seamstresses, with a comprehensive and modern range of machinery at their disposal, are sure to find the best solution to repair and alter your items. They can :

  • Replace missing stitches.
  • Consolidate and reinforce stitches.
  • Change buttons.
  • Change press studs ( the old ones are taken off with pliers ).
  • Change zips.
  • Alter the length of trouser legs and dresses.
  • Bring garments into compliance with cord standards (for children's clothing).
  • Reinforce motif assembly.
  • Stick on or attach patches and decorative elements.
  • Open or enlarge buttonholes.
  • Application of an anti-static product ( to prevent the garment from sticking to the skin ).
  • etc.
  • And carry out all manual alterations :
    • Sew on beads and sequins.
    • Sew on decorative patterns.
    • Fix pulled stitches on knitted garments.
    • Clean buttonholes.
    • Sew on brand labels.
    • Resew.
    • Clean embroidery.
    • etc.

 We are equipped with adapted machines for leather garments :

  • Consolidate and reinforce stiches.
  • Attach press studs and eyelets.
  • ...