E-commerce logistics: B to C

Berry Services provides you with a comprehensive turnkey solution for managing your site - we :

  • Take delivery of your goods.
  • Carry out goods picking.
  • Inspect orders prior to shipment.
  • Put items in parcels.
  • Deliver parcels to carriers.
  • Update your stock.
  • Transfer the shipment number of each order.
  • Manage returns.
  • Procure and stock supplies (primarily packaging supplies).

Exchange of computer data :

In cooperation with our IT partner, we develop and refine all the interfaces required so that all data exchanges can be carried out automatically, without any manual input.

Upon request :

  • We can put your garments in special packaging or gift wrapping.
  • We can enclose flyers or catalogues with shipments.
  • We can enclose gifts for your customers with shipments.

Customisation of your items prior to shipment :

  • We can attach badges or crests.
  • We can embroider a name or a personal message.
  • We can alter the length of trouser legs.