Application and sewing of brand labels

We can sew brand labels onto all your items.

  • With two bartacks.
  • With stitching on all 4 sides.
  • With stitching on the top of the brand label.
  • With stitching on each side of the brand label.
  • Sheathed, to hide the stitching.
    The stitching isn’t visible!
  • Inserted in a seam.
  • With decorative or novelty stitches.

By using an invisible thread as bobbin thread, the brand logo stitching is hardly noticeable on the back of the item.

A size tag can be added, sewn on the side of the brand label or at the bottom of the brand label.


  • With hand stitches.

And, if required, we can remove the original brand label beforehand.
The dexterity of our seamstresses will make all the difference.
A steam jet will remove all traces of the old stitching.